I see your healthy attempts, and counter with CRUMBS!

Hi all,

A quick foodage/random update before I again get in the habit of not posting frequently enough.

After realizing how delicious that beer bread was, and how I probably consumed sliiightly more than I should have in one day, the next day (Sunday, coincidentally *yeah, apologies for the time jumps*) I decided to try to correct my mistake with some P90x “Kenpo X” and “Abs X” or whatever they’re called (pretty fun, and I’ve been noticeably sore for days later…whether thats just me *it’s just me* or the programs rigor, I will have to wait and find out ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

After the aforementioned workouts, it was pretty late in the afternoon (I had gotten up late) and I figured it would be a good time for some HEALTHY nourishment. Well, I had some cucumbers left in the fridge I was trying to use up (turns out I still don’t really have much of a taste for them…tried bringing them to work as a healthy snack with some balsamic vinegar for a dip…which I unfortunately found unpalatable). Then the idea occurred to me: what about a (very minimalistic) Greek salad??? The perfect way to hide the cucumbers taste is under a little oil and loooots of feta cheese! I tossed 1 chopped up cuke with about a tsp of olive oil (not bad) with about 28g *yeah…so I measure things out sometimes(allthetime)*/ 1/4 cup of feta cheese, and just a tablespoon or so worth of onions (I had about 1/4 of one sitting in my fridge, figured id use it), and the result was quite a satisfying and tasty lunch!

Tasty, filling and pretty durn healthy!

…hey, I never said I wouldn’t ALSO indulge in some beer bread-y goodness! *never fear, it’s finally home in my freezer now*

…though of course my well laid plans for health fell through when a fellow coworker convinced me (ok, it took very little convincing) to take a trip to Crumbs Bakeshop Valentines eve as a treat for ourselves (the bf (I shall dub him “the Bear” here for now ;)) unfortunately lives 3 hours away *sadness* and is working full-time, so we were unable to see each other. ITS OK THOUGH because he visits this weekend, and I frankly don’t care what holiday it is or isn’t, any chance to see him is spectacular! Anyway, getting off track…back to cupcakes!)

Upper left(ish)-coworkers Dark Chocolate cupcake, right-coworker's roomie's Chocolate Sundae, bottom-my "Baba Booey" *clearly the best name*-PB/chocolate concoction

I had never been before, and while the cupcakes were quite pricey ($3.50-$4.50 a pop-its one of those “boutique” bakeries), they were DEFINITELY much bigger than your standard muffin tin cupcake, and suuuuper delicious, so definitely a well spent decision for me.

I went straight from work to the gym (look! another attempt at health!) to the bakery, so I didn’t have time to grab any real dinner until after (said creation to be discussed in a later post)-but I’ve gotta say, getting to eat dessert for dinner (and dinner for dessert) was quite the fun (and scrumptious)ย  V-day treat ๐Ÿ™‚

…now to go stock up on all the cheap ex holiday candy today…(I promise I won’t eat it all in one sitting!!!)


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