The proof is in the pudding

And here is that pudding post I mentioned!
Earlier this week (as with most weeks) I was having a particularly rough day at work. Unfortunately, for me, that often translates into an insatiable desire to consume extremely unhealthy amounts of chocolate/sugar/baked goods. Mostly chocolate, as that is one of the easiest to come by (the candy bowl at the front desk is restocked every monday and Wednesday, people. And contrary to what you’re probably thinking, I found out about this schedule much later than most :P)

However, what with my (somewhat poor) attempts to be semi healthy and not obese (I call it the “Kate Beckinsale Diet” *explanation likely soon to come in a future post as to why*), gorging myself on sweet sweet goodness at the frequency with which I am stressed out would not turn out so well. So, I am nearly constantly on the lookout for delicious chocolatey things that taste yummy and indulgent but WONT expand my waist (much…). This one has been a pretty constant go-to since college, but as it calls for specifically one egg yolk, I rarely have the opportunity to make it. Cue fritatta yolk leftovers!

The pudding is poured into individual ramekins (or pyrex cups, as I ran out of ramekins) to cool in the fridge

This is another WW recipe (I’m a fan). Apologies for the lack of action shots, but this one’s pretty easy-you throw some milk (I use skim, but any kind would work), cocoa powder, corn starch *thickener*, sugar, and a dash of salt in a saucepan, bring to a boil for a few minutes. Whisk and temper your egg yolks (add some of the hot chocolate liquid into the eggs before dumping them into the saucepan so they don’t scramble from the heat-scrambled egg pudding doesn’t sound too appetizing), then whisk them into the pudding for a few minutes, then take it off the heat, add some vanilla, and cool in the fridge (in whatever holding mechanism you desire), for at least an hour.

Delicious! I rather like that little layer that forms on the top of pudding, at least with this recipe. *pardon the image quality*

The result is creamy, delicious, chocolatey, silky pudding goodness that tastes super indulgent but is definitely a caloric difference from bingeing on bars of chocolate or a tub of ice cream (or a tub of frosting, or cookies or fudge or…*you see my problem?*).  Enjoying this in front of a good youtube video (don’t judge me!) definitely helped take some of the edge off. …And I can’t lie and say I didn’t eat TWO of these ramekin-sized puddings at once a few days later…totally worth it!

Hopefully there will  be some more consistent posting to come! (and maybe one day the post will actually be about cookies and/or cosplaying. We shall see)


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